Rice Creek Trail

Rice Creek Trail Association members often ride together locally, in other parts of Minnesota, and out west. 

Rice Creek Trail

Rice Creek Trail Association members maintain 72 miles of trail in the northeastern suburbs. We mow, clear, mark, and groom the trails. It is a lot of work and we do our best to make it fun. 

Rice Creek Trail

Rice Creek Trail Association has two large groomers and one small groomer, we affectionately call “the baby groomer.”

Our groomer operators volunteer their time and we do our best to get out as often as schedules and conditions allow. 


Rice Creek Snowmobile Trail Association was founded in 1983. RCTA is a volunteer snowmobile trail club. We have created and maintain 70 miles of the MNDNR snowmobile Grant-in-aid trail system in the northeast Twin Cities metro area. Our trails travel two counties and meander through a county park. These trails connect riders with the network of state Grant-in-aid trails allowing travel to points, north, south, east and west.

In addition to maintaining our section of trail, we also like to socialize and have fun together! Our club members often ride together and we have an annual club trip.

We encourage anyone in the area to visit a meeting and get involved. We’re a friendly bunch!


two snowmobiles in snow

We’re so excited to be taking over the Big Marine Lake Vintage Snowmobile Show! 

Show off your vintage sleds! $5 per sled with a $20 maximum. We’ll have ten classes:

  • Antique Unrestored
  • Antique Restored
  • Vintage Unrestored
  • Vintage Restored
  • Classic Unrestored
  • Classic Restored
  • Rat Sled
  • Mini Sled
  • Muscle/Racer
  • Custom Sled
  • Cutter
  • Best Vintage Outfit

Winner in each class will receive a photo plaque and have photo taken. Second place will receive a plaque.

  • Club’s Choice winner will receive special one-of-a-kind trophy

 There will be food and beverages, bonfires, and the ice carousel and a ride (if conditions allow).

Registration opens at 9 AM. Spectators are FREE!

If conditions allow the show will be on the lake, if not, we will hold the show on the campground ballfield. 

We Need You!

No pressure or anything, but if you ride you should do your part to support the sport of snowmobiling.

It is a lot of work, but the more the merrier. When we get together we always have fun!