two snowmobiles in snow

Need Some Help?

Whether your new to the sport of snowmobiling or new to the area our club aims to be a resource. We want to help riders get the most from this great sport.

We know that sometimes being new is intimidating and looking for answers online can be frustrating. Snowmobile clubs are a wealth of knowledge and we will gladly share whatever we can to grow the sport and your enjoyment of it.

If there’s a question you have that isn’t answered here, just shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to answer!

What does a snowmobile club do?

Snowmobile clubs are largely responsible for maintaining snowmobile trails. That means establishing relationships with landowners to gain permission, the physical work of creating and maintaining the trail. and grooming. Rice Creek Trail Association maintains 72 miles of trail. Club members also informally serve as sport ambassadors. 


Why join a club?

You’d expect us to say because there’s work to do and we need your help and while that’s true there are more reasons. Clubs are gatherings of people who share an interest. Getting together for work, meetings, and riding is always fun. We enjoy each other’s company. We are building friendships while building up the sport we love. 


Can we get involved as a family?

Yes, our club is family-friendly! We want to help families be involved in snowmobiling and welcome kids to join in on trail work and club rides in most cases. Two of our board members are women, so ladies don’t be shy. On a recent club ride we had ages 8 to 60+. We love that snowmobiling can be a sport enjoyed for many decades!

What's expected of me if I join?

We are all busy people, many of our members are already busy with work and kids, so we are grateful for any time you have to offer. That can range from a few hours on a Saturday in the fall to many days depending on your availability. 

When does the club meet?

 We meet the first Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8 at the Lino Lakes Convention Center (7455 Lake Drive). We offer Zoom upon request for those who prefer to join virtually (or are riding out of the area). Guests are welcome to attend!

Okay, I'm willing to help out. What do I need to know?

If you’re willing to do some trail work we will provide you with the necessary tools and transportation. If you wish to bring your own that’s fine, but it isn’t required. Simply dress for the conditions.

Please note we can use help in areas that don’t require physical labor. If you have other skills that you’re willing to share, please do.

Where can I park?

We get this question a lot. Parking a truck and trailer to drop off and ride has limited choices in are area. However, there are a few options:

The Blacksmith Lounge in Hugo has a large lot and they love snowmobilers. Ride from there and end your day with broasted chicken – trust us!

One Stop on Lexington Avenue in Ham Lake is another supporter who welcomes parking, but their space is limited and they appreciate being asked as they need room for delivery trucks.

The strip mall on Highway 65 and Crosstown has a large lot that works well for parking. 

Where can I get non-oxy gas?

Bills’ Superette in Lino Lakes at the corner of Lake Drive and Main Street or the One Stop on Lexington in Ham Lake both have non-oxy fuel.

Are there places to eat along the trail?


We’re fortunate to have some really good choices! 

Blacksmith Lounge & Broaster in Hugo

Blue Heron Grill in Hugo

The Old Log Cabin in Forest Lake

The Rusty Cow Cafe in Circle Pines

The Tavern in Lino Lakes

Trapper’s Bar & Grill in Lino Lakes

Are favorites of our members and supporters of our club.

What are the state rules regarding snowmobiling?

Click here for the Minnesota DNR’s regulation book.