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Visit one of our meetings! We meet the first Wednesday of every month from 6:30-8 at the Lino Lakes Convention Center (7455 Lake Drive).  We offer Zoom upon request for those who prefer to join virtually (or are riding out of the area).

Benefits of Joining the Club

As a member of the Rice Creek Snowmobile Trail Association, you have the opportunity to provide support to the volunteers who build, manage and maintain the trails you ride.

Membership benefits also include:

  • An insider understanding of the system state-wide and even the chance to help make improvements
  • Meeting other snowmobiling enthusiasts in your area
  • Participating in fun events and family-friendly activities coordinated by the club
  • Getting involved in your community in a way that directly supports your hobby
  • Helping to keep the sport of snowmobiling available in our area

Join the Club!

Annual Individual/Family membership dues is $40 for the Rice Creek Trail Association. ($10 to club, $30 for membership to MNUSA).

What is MNUSA?

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association is a non-profit membership association comprised of individuals and businesses. MNUSA is dedicated to protecting your trails and preserving the sport of snowmobiling. They provide a voice in the legislature with a full-time lobbyist working on our behalf and represent snowmobilers on a statewide basis.  In addition to representation, MNUSA provides clubs with support and insurance. Your membership will also get you a subscription to Minnesota Snowmobiling Magazine.

IF you are already a MNUSA member,  an Individual/Family RCTA Membership is just $10. If you you’re already a MNUSA membership send us a message about joining just RCAT. To join both MNUSA and RCTA please complete the Membership Form and pay using the buttons below if you wish to complete the process online. We do charge a $2 convenience fee to cover the processing charge.

Rice Creek Trail Club and MNUSA is just $42

Your involvement matters!