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There are over 22,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Minnesota. Over 21,000 are maintained by local snowmobile club volunteers like Rice Creek Trail Association.

A trail permit is required for all snowmobiles.

  • The trail use registration fee is $113.50 for 3 years and includes unlimited use of Minnesota’s 22,000 miles of state and grant-in-aid trails.
  • The non-trail use registration fee is $53.50 for 3 years and is not transferable. A snowmobile that is registered for non-trail use may NOT be operated on a state or grant-in-aid trail including a grant-in-aid trail in a road right-of-way.

Permits can be purchased at Electronic License System agents, by mail, online or by phone at 888-665-4236. For more information, go to the MN DNR Web site at

Snowmobiles must be currently registered either in Minnesota or with another jurisdiction for nonresidents. For more information, contact the Minnesota DNR at 1-888-MINNDNR.