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January 4, 2021

Over the weekend our club volunteers were able to open up the last section of swamp! That means our trail system is completely open now. Huge thanks to our volunteers who spent many hours prepping the trails. 

The trails now need snow! We’ve been out grooming what is there, doing our best with what little we have to work with. There seems to be quite a bit of traffic, which is great to see. Expect some bumps.

We’ve already had a couple issues this season.

1. We’ve had several of our signs stolen, including stop signs, so please use caution. We’ve reported it to the the sheriff and are replacing the signs as quickly as we can. 

2. We’ve had some fat tire bike riders using our trails. While we understand the appeal and love that they want to get outside, the trails aren’t meant to be shared. We work hard to obtain and maintain these trails. Our trail system is for snowmobiles only. Some other trails are mixed use, ours are not. Again, use caution and be courtesy if you encounter people using the trail for something other than snowmobiling.