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 Rice Creek Snowmobile Trail Map

Our snowmobile trail map is made possible by our sponsored advertisers and the Rice Creek Trail Association. It is our intent to provide you with a trail system and map that is easy to navigate and makes your snowmobiling experience enjoyable.

Trails open December 1st – if conditions permit and close April 1st. The maximum speed limit on all trails is 50 MPH – or as posted. Please stay on marked trails, obey the signs and respect the private property of those landowners who have given us permission to cross on their land. We do not want to lose that privilege and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. While it may seem harmless to venture off trail you are trespassing when doing so and may be damaging crops that get planted in the fall. 

Our Trail Conditions page provides the most current information on trail conditions. You can also visit our Facebook page.

Along our trail you will see trail sponsor signs. Each sponsor pays a fee for a sign along the trail in support of snowmobiling in this area. Please thank these sponsors – whose financial contribution allows us to print and distribute our trail map – by supporting their businesses while you are in the area. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Michelle at

Have a safe and enjoyable snowmobile season and have fun in our area while you are here. We hope to see you back in the future!